**Animal Welfare League NSW unveils a newly-built oasis dedicated to

pets that have passed away**

They say all good things must come to an end, but memories last forever.Animal Welfare League NSW’s newly built tranquil pond is a homage to allanimals loved and lost – and is an oasis of calm and serenity far from themadding crowd. The pond cradles a handful of koi and aquatic feature plantsand provides a peaceful space for pet parents and family members to come andreflect on precious memories of their dearly departed pets. We are grateful toour supporters who donated charming garden features that add to the serenityof the spot.

One of the pet projects of our AWLNSW maintenance team, the pond has a prideof place in Angela aka Garden Guru’s heart. Angela, who is part of the Groundsand Maintenance team, is pleased with the way the project has panned out. Shesays, “Almost six months of brainstorming went into planning this space. Wehave established the pond keeping best practice in mind to further use it as ateaching tool. It’s a product of our love and passion for animals and naturerolled into one. ”

An impressive garden landscaping plan is also underway to add to the existingnative green cover. With mellow hues of Mona Lavenders adding colour toadjacent pathways, and bright red Grevillea providing a perfect backdrop,AWLNSW’s new koi pond is a sight to behold. We hope the tranquillity aroundthis sacred space helps rekindle loving memories of those that have travelledacross the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace…

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