Ever since the landmark ruling handed down by the Court of Appeal of theSupreme Court in October 2020, adjudging a Sydney strata scheme’s blanket ‘nopets’ by-law as ‘harsh, unconscionable, and oppressive’ under Section 139(1)of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015, millions of pet owners in Australiahave breathed easy.

Animal Welfare League NSW strives to achieve best welfare outcomes for petsand other animals in the community. We acknowledge NSW Government’s recentdecision to include an additional survey around pets in strata as part oftheir ongoing public consultation efforts. AWL NSW supports the move that willprovide an opportunity for stakeholders and members of the community toregister their say about strata laws in relation to companion animals.

AWL NSW is deeply committed to upholding the benefits of pets within thecommunity, and the positive impacts they have on lives of people. Companionanimals have consistently proven to be of crucial importance to the physical,mental and social well-being of their owners. Their vital contribution tohealth benefits, especially in regard to older, isolated and vulnerabledemographics in society is widely documented. Our high-impact educationalprograms aim at promoting awareness within the community and facilitate apositive change in the manner in which society treats animals. The rightinformation about legislation reinforces our value systems and can be adeterrent to cruelty toward animals.

Underscoring the significant role that companion animals play within society,AWL NSW CEO Mark Slater says, “This initiative from NSW Government is a stepin the right direction to factor in popular public sentiment when it comes tothe treatment of pets in strata, and broader animal welfare legislation. Thiswill also significantly reduce the number of pets being surrendered at animalshelters across the country, because of stringent regulations and oftenblanket prohibitions of pets in strata. We urge members of the public toparticipate in the pet survey, to achieve the best possible outcome forcompanion animals and their owners.”

AWL NSW provides critical care and rehabilitation for hundreds of animals thatare surrendered to our facility and branches across New South Wales everyyear. The support we receive from the community is vital in helping animalsget a second chance in life. Help us today to give a better tomorrow to thevulnerable and voiceless animals in our care. Visithttps://www.awlnsw.com.au/donate to know more.

The strata management laws around pets are scheduled to be reviewed shortly,and a report is expected to be tabled in both Houses of Parliament by August2021. The additional survey is hosted on the NSW Government’s Have Your Saywebsite https://www.haveyoursay.nsw.gov.au/strata-statutory-review-2020 ,and will remain open to the public till 7 April 2021.

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