As of October 1, hunters in Victoria, Australia could start harvesting

14,090 kangaroos for use in pet food.

As of October 1, hunters in Victoria, Australia could start harvesting 14,090kangaroos for as a novel pet food protein. The Victoria state governmentstarted the Kangaroo Harvesting Program to reduce the population of nativekangaroos. Agriculture Victoria’s website states that the reasons for the huntare that the kangaroos eat human crops, drink water designated for livestockand damage fences and other property. The quota of kangaroos can be harvesteduntil the end of this year, when new quotas will be established by the stategovernment.

Details of kangaroo harvesting for pet food

Victoria’s Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions in collaboration with theGame Management Authority will manage the harvest and use in pet food. Themeat is not approved for human consumption, so the processors will prepare itfor use in pet food. Only specially authorized hunters can harvest themarsupials. Those harvesters must have taken courses covering firearmsproficiency and wild game skills.

Specific numbers of kangaroos can be hunted in different regions of Victoria.Three processing companies, Yering, Stanhope and Hamilton, are authorized tohandle the kangaroo carcasses, though others may join. Any pet food processorlicensed by PrimeSafe can receive kangaroo carcasses.

In 2014, a two-year trial in Victoria started to study the feasibility ofkangaroo meat as a novel pet food ingredient, involving eastern and westerngrey kangaroos.

Within the past few decades, pet food manufacturers’ options for providingprotein in their products have grown dramatically. Just as people have come toembrace a wider variety of animal and plant proteins on their plates, so toohave pet owners started serving non-traditional meats and plants to their dogsand cats. Once unheard of ingredients, including kangaroo, hemp and insectshave all found their way into pets’ dishes.

Source: Tim Wall Petfood Industry

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