Harry the blind story dog has been named Puppy Tales 2022 Australian Dog ofthe Year for inspiring and making an impact in the lives of people, theenvironment, and other dogs.

The winner, Harry, is a blind dog that works at a local primary school wherehe listens to readers to build their confidence. As Harry is blind, his ownerBarbara Allen asks the children to read carefully so Harry can understand thestory despite not seeing the pictures.

Kerry Martin, founder of website Puppy Tales, said reading the entries wasmoving, funny, and always endearing.

“We’re reminded once again of just how incredible our doggos are, and seen howordinary Paw-stralians from across our nation have helped their people throughdifficult times and made a difference to others and the communities that theylive in.”

People’s Choice winner, Poppi.

Winner of the People’s Choice Award was Poppi the guide dog. Poppi’s owner,Liz Stojan, lost her sight nine years ago and along with that the ability todo ordinary things such as crossing the road, cooking food, or getting to theshops, and then she met Poppi.

“Poppi is not only an amazing guide dog but a brilliant counsellor who hasbrought comfort and healing to many.”

Puppy Tales will donate $1,000 to the winner’s chosen registered charity and$100 to the People’s Choice recipient, with Harry selecting Story Dogs, andPoppi choosing Guide Dogs NSW/ACT.

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