Melbourne start-up Ilume is shaping the future of pet health using newtechnologies such as a smart bowl, collar tracker, and an app.

Ilume provides personalised dog meals to owners created in its commercialkitchen in Keysborough and will use fresh, human-grade, locally sourcedproduce led by culinary directory Gary Sauer.

An app monitors a dog’s vital information such as daily activity, sleephabits, and even poo habits. Once that information is gathered, Ilume thenpersonalises meals based on the dog’s unique requirements.

Gary Silbury, CEO and Co-founder of Ilume, created the company as he wanted tofeed his two dogs something better.

“Ilume is a game-changer for pet owners by empowering them with the knowledge,the technology and the restaurant-quality food that is scientifically provento deliver a happier and healthier life for our beloved four-legged friends.

“We’re using real science and data to formulate our Ilume recipes and healthinsights, and we are going even further by investing millions of dollars intoclinical studies with two renowned Australian and New Zealand universities toshape the future of pet health.”

Personalised meal plans start at $12 a day.

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