The Executive Director of the Australian Retailers’ Association, RussellZimmerman, said today the re-election of the Morrison government was “a winfor retailers” that was warmly welcomed by the retail sector.

Commenting on the election – in which ongoing counting appears to have re-elected the Coalition with an outright majority – Mr Zimmerman said theoutcome would provide certainty for retail businesses, whilst offeringopportunities for the sector to engage and address issues of concern withgovernment.

“On behalf of Australia’s $320bn retail sector, we’d like to offer our warmestcongratulations to the Prime Minister and his team on their victory in a hard-fought contest at Saturday’s federal election,” Mr Zimmerman said.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the government on a raft of issuesaffecting our members,” he added.

Mr Zimmerman singled out Labor’s promise to legislate to reverse penalty ratereductions in retail, hospitality and pharmacy, and emphasised the ARA wouldcontinue to resist any move to implement such a policy.

“The independent umpire – the Fair Work Commission, set up by Labor – makesevidence-based determinations regarding issues such as penalty rates, and itsindependence must be respected,” Mr Zimmerman said.

“We hope the election result puts an end to attempts to interfere politicallywith bodies such as the FWC.”

Mr Zimmerman said that with retail growth in 2017-18 being the lowest onrecord, it was crucial the retail sector and government were in lockstep onissues that affected the trading environment in which retailers operate.

“Governments don’t determine trade or turnover, but what they administerdictates the conditions with which our retail member businesses must work tobe profitable, to make a living, and create jobs,” Mr Zimmerman said.

“The Morrison government has signalled a commonsense approach to workplacerelations, business energy costs, lower taxes, cutting red tape, and taking arational view on climate change, and we welcome its re-election to office,” MrZimmerman concluded.

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