Earlier this week we met with the Legislation Reform Team in Victoria who areleading the project on the changes to the Animal Welfare Act in Victoria.

This meeting went well, and the Legislation Reform Team are currently workingthrough all submission papers made to the Directions Paper in detail. Theyreassured us that they do read and consider all submissions made, and thankedus for our detailed response.

At the current time, they are in the consultation and review process whichwill continue on for the next 12 months to put together a draft that will takeall of this consultation into account. We discussed the areas that were ofgreatest importance to us and our industry, and reinforced with them that weplace a heavy emphasis on Animal Standards and Welfare in our industry.

Following this first contact as Stakeholders in this review, the Associationhas now been added to their list as a direct contact to be consulted with onmatters that will affect domestic animals with regard to the reform of theAnimal Welfare Act VIC.

Once the next few stages of the this project are complete, there will be aflow down effect from the new Act which will then require a review of otherlegislation such as the Domestic Animals Act, and various industry based Codesof Practices. We have therefore requested that we also be added as a directcontact for the Domestic Animals Team so that we can consult directly with anyreview to Codes of Practice for Pet Boarding, Day Care and Training.

We will continue to work with the Legislation Reform team in Victoria duringthis process to ensure that we are able to give out industry properrepresentation in the building of this important legislation. We will providefurther updates as the process unfolds throughout the year.

Kind Regards,
Kylie Mackay (Secretary)

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