Two directors of a South Australian animal rescue organisation have beencharged with multiple animal cruelty offences, including depriving dogs offood and vet care.

Carole Louise Morris and Shane Anthony Jones, along with their organisationthe South Australian Humane Animal Rescue Association, have been charged withmore than 30 counts of ill-treating an animal.

The registered not-for-profit organisation – which has a no-kill approach torescuing animals – rebranded itself from SA Dog Rescue in 2019.

Adelaide Magistrates Court documents reveal Ms Morris and Mr Jones allegedlyfailed to provide adequate food to a Staffordshire bull terrier and anAmerican bulldog named Daisy — or treat that dog for an ulcer — at theorganisation’s Black Springs property between May and August 2019.

It is also alleged that the pair did not take appropriate steps to help twoMaltese-cross dogs which had “severely matted coats”, as well as a pug namedSim.

The pug was allegedly suffering from overgrown toenails, dry eyes, earinfections and dental disease at the same property between February and August2019.

The court documents also claim that three brushtail possums were kept ininadequately-sized enclosures that were ridden with faeces at a property atMorgan in South Australia’s Riverland.

A thoroughbred horse at the property was also allegedly suffering from anuntreated eye injury that had “thickened and scarred” her cornea.

Another pony allegedly had overgrown rear hooves and one mare was sufferingfrom colic and stomatitis.

The case first appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Tuesday where thecourt heard the pair’s lawyer had received a “large brief” of evidence.

The matter will return to court in May.

Source: ABC News

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