Convenience may be catalyst for growth in market sales.

Shopping for pet food and pet treats in Singapore just got more convenientwith the recent addition of a Pet Supplies category for

Amazon Singapore’s Pet Supplies section features over half a million productsfor different types of pets. With it, Singaporean pet owners get to widentheir shopping options, especially when it comes to pet food. Premium brandslike Fuzzyard, K9 Natural, Stella and Chewy’s, and Wellness are among thefeatured brands. will also carry pet products from localdistributors.

“We want pet owners to have peace of mind with our vast selection, great dealsand fuss-free shopping, and spend quality time with their pets,” said HenryLow, country manager, Amazon Singapore.

Singapore pet owner statistics

Singaporean pet owners buy a lot of pet food. In 2018, they helped theindustry generate revenue of US$102 million. In 2020, they are projected tospend up to US$130 million on pet food, mostly for cats and dogs. The launchof Amazon’s Pet Supplies could make Singaporeans spend more.

How many pets does Singapore have? Market researcher Euromonitor Internationalsaid there were 196,600 pets in Singapore in 2019. However, this number is abig drop from their 2016 projection of 824,600 pets. It is worth noting thatSingapore has a strict one small pet dog policy for residents in publichousing, and in these state-owned facilities where the majority ofSingaporeans live, a total cat ban is also in place. However, the size of dogallowed has recently been expanded, providing an opportunity for the medium-sized dog pet food market to show some growth.

Meanwhile, there’s a new trend in pet ownership in the island-state thatperhaps Amazon Singapore can get into as well: pet ants. It’s been reportedthat a growing number of local enthusiasts are collecting pet ants to formtheir own ant colonies. A quick check at’s new Pet Supplies sectionshowed several suggestions for “Ant Castle” or “Ant Habitat” that ant petowners could buy.

The addition of Pet Supplies in Amazon Singapore’s platform gives Pet LoversCentre (PLC) some serious competition. PLC is Singapore’s largest chain of petstores and has an online store as well.

Source:Alma Buelva Petfood Industry

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