Australia’s alpaca producers are well positioned to develop new export marketsfollowing the opening of trade in alpacas with Chile.

Head of Biosecurity at the Department of Agriculture, Water and theEnvironment, Andrew Tongue, said the export of alpacas would provide Chileaccess to quality Australian genetics and help improve Chile’s national herd.

“Australian animals and fleeces are now ranked among the world’s best withAustralian alpaca fibre used in high fashion garments, as well as knitwear,blankets, doonas and even carpets,” Mr Tongue said

“Health certification requirements are the foundation for trade in animals andthis agreement means we can continue to build on trade opportunities as wework to revitalise our primary industries.

“Close collaboration between the department and the Australian AlpacaAssociation has ensured that the agreement meets the biosecurity needs ofChile without placing undue burden on or costs on Australian exporters.

“This is a significant new market for Australian livestock with the potentialto provide support to this niche but valuable industry and bring real returnsto producers at the farmgate.”

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