CSI Urine is the new special agent in pet waste clean-up. CSI products are aquick and easy way to attack pet odours and stains at a molecular level. Likeall their products, the NEW RANGE is made from a unique blend of naturalenzymes with no harsh chemicals making it safe to use around pets andchildren. No scrubbing, no stains, no worries.

Caters for every cat and their owner, providing litter solutions for singleand multi-cat households. Their whole range cleans stains made by urine andfaeces and eliminates all pet odours. Keep POOWEE! on hand to make litter traysmells a thing of the past.

Science Selective veterinary recommended species-specific foods are formulatedto exactly meet the needs of small animals – containing high crude fibrecontent, and natural prebiotics for optimum digestive wellbeing, this isoptimal nutrition for all small pets. Using extruded pellets, delivers aunique crunchy texture that is super tasty without the need for added sugars.Bigger portions also promote heathy active chewing activity, whilstmaintaining the appropriate daily calorific content.

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