From pretending to throw the ball to being left alone, there are certain petowner habits that can leave our dogs feeling uncomfortable and annoyed.

New research, which was conducted by the team at Wamiz, uncovered the fivecommon things which can irritate our pups. While this will alter to eachspecific dog, it’s important to remember how they are feeling — especiallywhen we think something is ‘funny’.

“As good pet owners, all we want to do is make our dogs happy. But sometimeswe do things thinking it’s in their best interest, when it’s actually not,”says the study.

“Of course, just like humans, every dog is different. One dog’s ideal isanother dog’s nightmare. The trick is to learn how to pick up on the signsthat your pooch is uncomfortable, so that you can adapt to his/her needsaccordingly.”

Take a look at the findings below:

1. Being left alone

Our four-legged friends are incredibly sociable creatures, which means theydon’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. Whether it’s popping outfor work or to the shops, always ensure you leave your dog with something tokeep them occupied.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals suggests leavingout a ‘mentally stimulating toy’ for your dog while you are out. Whether it’sa meat-flavored chew toy, stuffed Kong toy or a fun soft ball, these are sureto keep your pet entertained when they are alone.

2. Not letting them smell things on walks

The study also found that dogs find it frustrating when their owners stop themfrom smelling things on a walk. After all, they are inquisitive animals wholove to smell unfamiliar territory. While it can be frustrating if your dogstops every five minutes on a walk, they rely on their noses far more than wedo.

3. Hugging them when they’re not in the mood

Much like humans, dogs also like to have their own space at times. The studysays: “This one can come as a surprise for some owners, but your dog might notenjoy all those cuddles. Dogs can interpret cuddles as a sign of dominance. Sokeep an eye out for distress signals. If they yawn, grunt, or fold their earsflat, chill out on the cuddles. Of course, every dog is different, and somelove to cuddle!”

4. Pretending to throw the ball

Pretending to throw the ball can leave dogs feeling confused, annoyed andanxious. It can also take the fun out of playtime, so it’s always better tosimply throw it and enjoy a game of catch together.

5. Being sad

It’s no surprise that dogs love to see their owners happy, so it’s onlynatural they feel sad when we do.

“In fact, research shows that when we get stressed, our dogs get stressed,too. So put the negative feelings aside and spend some quality time with yourbest friend. You’ll both feel better,” says the study.

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