Reinventing the traditional scrubs and changing the way we view ouressential workers

We all deserve to look and feel good at work. Yet our ever important essentialworkers spend everyday in unflattering, uncomfortable and ill-fitting workscrubs. But that’s all about to change after two Aussie veterinarians and afashion designer joined forces to create 21 Scrubs – a range of stylish andfashion savvy scrubs that are practical, flattering, comfortable and durableas well as water, hair and stain-proof and they come with a signaturestethoscope holder.

21 Scrubs is the brainchild of three working mums and ‘boss ladies’; twinsisters and veterinarians Drs Audrey and Alison Shen and fashion expert andentrepreneur Rebecca Lau Marsh. Audrey and Alison own and operate a successfulmobile vet business and both feature on the international TV series BondiVet.

Rebecca has created two profitable fashion retail and e-commerce stores, andhas had the pleasure of dressing international and local celebrities includingEva Longoria, Sophie Monk, Carrie Bickmore and others.

After working in the veterinary industry for over 15 years and wearing old-fashioned scrubs, Dr Audrey and Dr Alison became frustrated with the lack ofchoice, and in particular material and style of scrubs available.

“Not only were our old scrubs unflattering and ill-fitting, but the fabric wasterrible, it attracted hair and lint, and absorbed liquids, stains andsmells,” said Dr Audrey.

“We used to joke that we wore pyjamas all day and felt so unprofessional insuch a professional industry. We understand that scrubs have to be practical.However, practicality doesn’t mean you have to compromise on lookingfashionable and feeling good.”

Initially the sisters started researching materials in the hope of just makingtheir own scrubs for work. Then, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, theyquickly realised there was a market for fashion savvy scrubs and a desperateneed for it among essential workers.

“COVID-19 really highlighted how important an essential worker’s job and roleis. We have to keep working despite the challenges and risks involved. Manyessential workers are burnt out, exhausted and frustrated,” said Dr Alison

“We want our essential workers to be inspired and be given the confidenceboost and positivity they deserve; to reward them and acknowledge theimportant work they do to keep everyone safe and healthy. What says this morethan functional workwear that allows them to look confident, professional,trustworthy and smart every single day.”

Knowing they needed their scrubs to be flattering and functional, they calledupon friend and fashion expert Rebecca, to help design the range.

“When Audrey and Alison approached me with the idea, I loved it and said yesstraight away. I love disruptive businesses and a good makeover. I was excitedto begin the process of reinventing the traditional scrub,” said Rebecca.

“We had a very clear vision to create workwear that was functional, that youcould move in, was comfortable and of course flattering for all shapes andsizes. We also wanted to create workwear that had an ’all day to night’ look,that you can wear out after work or be seen wearing out of work.”

Soon after many Zoom catch ups, nighttime brainstorm sessions after kids wereasleep, research, testing and trialing, in 2021 their dream turned into areality and 21 Scrubs was born.

21 Scrubs offer a stylish and modern range of scrubs for men and women, thatcome in a variety of styles and colours. There is even a jumpsuit for theladies that can be matched with a pair of heels and worn from day to night.All scrubs feature the 21 Scrubs signature stethoscope holders for busyprofessionals always on the go.

“We are incredibly proud of the scrubs range we have created,” said Dr Alison.“Each style has their own defining cuts and features, and all scrubs are madefrom stretchy, crease-proof, durable, comfortable and eco-friendly lightweightfabric, that most importantly is hair-free, water and stain repellant, fast-drying and squat-proof.”

“Thanks to the unique fabric we’ve used, our scrubs can cater for manydifferent industries including the medical, veterinary, dentistry, cosmetic,beauty, hairdressing and even dog grooming and training.”

21 Scrubs offers a corporate sample box program where potential customersare sent a sample box of scrubs to try on, so they can be confident about thestyle and sizes they’re ordering.

Embroidery, monogramming and bulk discounted pricing is available.

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