Pet food sales reached EUR21.8 billion, with a 2.8% growth rate. By

volume, companies sold 8.5 billion metric tonnes of pet food products in 2020.

Cats remained the most populous pet in Europe and Turkey in 2020, beating dogsby approximately 20 million animals, according to data from the European PetFood Federation (FEDIAF).

Overall, 88 million households in Europe owned a pet in 2020, or 38% of allhouseholds. That breaks down into approximately 110 million cats, 90 milliondogs, 52 million birds, 30 million small mammals, 15 million aquaria and 9million reptiles in Europe. Approximately one-quarter of European householdsincluded at least one cat or dog in 2020.

Sales of food for those pets reached EUR21.8 billion, with a 2.8% growth rate.By volume, companies sold 8.5 billion metric tonnes of pet food products in2020. Approximately 150 pet food companies ran 200 plants in Europe. In 2020,those plants employed an estimated 100,000 people.

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Map of European pet food production facilities in 2020

Dog, cat and other pet food production facilities operate across Europe, fromVafo Group in Estonia to C&D Foods in Spain. Petfood Industry’s Top CompaniesCurrent Data includes 42 pet food and treat production facilities withaddresses listed in Europe. Those pet food producers appear in the Google Mapembedded below.

10 top pet food companies headquartered in Europe

Most of the 10 top pet food companies headquartered in Europe, as ranked by2020 revenue, were different as compared to the prior year’s rankings, withonly four companies out of the top 10 remaining in the same ranking position.The June edition of Petfood Industry, featuring its annual Top Pet FoodCompanies report, highlights the top pet food companies from around the world.While companies headquartered in the U.S. dominate the top of the overallworld rankings, European-based companies also feature prominently.

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