More than a dozen purebred Australian Shepherd dogs perished in a house fireon the outskirts of St. Francis, Minnesota, according to fire officials andthe dogs’ owner.

According to the Isanti Fire District, Thursday around 11:40 a.m. a passerbyreported the fire on Helium Street NW.

The blaze destroyed the home, killing all 13 dogs inside, according tohomeowner and Australian Shepherd breeder Jodi Dovel. The dogs were part ofCrystal Winds Australian Shepherds, a small registered kennel, which Dovelran.

In addition to being beloved pets, the dogs were purebred and some competed inshows and had won awards. Twelve of the dogs that passed away belonged toDovel, while one belonged to a friend. The dogs’ ages ranged from 8 months oldto 11 years old.

“We are devastated,” said Dovel. “We wouldn’t wish this on our worst enemies.”

Fire officials believe the fire started in a main level common room of thehome and eventually spread to the attic. The cause of the fire is underinvestigation by the State Fire Marshal.

Image: Thirteen dogs died in a house fire near St. Francis, Minnesota. (Isanti Fire District )

Source US Fox News

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